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Jasmine helped me to get back in touch with my body and bring a sense of mindfulness to my eating. She is smart, patient, and super-supportive. I highly recommend her!

Patricia Thompson

I've learned so much from Jasmine's inspirational story and coaching! She's taught me to not only love myself but to take control of myself each and everyday. I've learned to control my food cravings and deal with my emotional stress, eating a lot differently than before. I've been more energetic in regards to physical activity... I go to the gym every day and I'm addicted. However, when I'm faced with baked goods and delicious but horrible food, I tell myself to gain some control even though I know I'm going to give in. The only difference now is that I won't over indulge in the moment, I'll have enough to take off the edge. I've been doing this for 3 months and have lost 30 pounds!

My mentality this time around is that I don't feel so guilty when I eat one cookie because I'm going to work it off throughout the day or at the gym later. I also realise now that if you have a goal, it's not a race to the end. It will happen if you're dedicated. So thank you jasmine, you've opened my mind to a new lifestyle change. 

Chelsea Ciglar - 8 Week Program To End Dieting

THANK YOU! My life has changed so much after I read your book and even though I cannot say I've stopped experiencing difficulties in my relationship with my body or with emotion or food, I can say that I can't imagine going back to the mindset I had before. I had been struggling with my self-acceptance since I was really young and I had been really hard on myself and the way I ate for such a long time I couldn't remember the last time (in my teenage years) I felt it was okay to have chocolate once in a while. I had limited myself to so many things I just thought, "girls with my kind of body don't do that/wear that/get to eat that", and now I feel like I am finally free of all those toxic thoughts.

I have to admit I have had those days where I'm overwhelmed or frustrated and I turn to food, but the difference is I realise it now, I notice it and most of the times I can stop it. I love my body in a way I had never thought I could (or I had only imagined I would if I lost weight) and I'm truly grateful to you for that. I have not achieved my goal quite yet, but I have a clearer idea of how to get there and I'm being loving and patient with myself.

Your work is amazing and I am very happy that I stumbled upon it. The world is lucky to have someone like you, to put all those things you went through and learned and spread them around :).

Nicolle Rockstroh - 8 Week Program To End Dieting

I've found it really hard to articulate how blessed I feel to have Jas in my life. She's provided me with so much great guidance and insight on myself, relationships, business and everything in between. She is armed with so many awesome life tips and I'll be forever thankful to her for:

  • Teaching me to be grateful and show gratitude each day (there is something pleasant in even the darkest of hours!)
  • Introducing me to the good, bad and the ugly that is my ego

I'm a better version because of her.

One of my siblings summed her up quite poignantly recently saying: 'I have not known anyone who is not inspired by Jas in some shape or form'.


Jasmine has had an amazingly positive impact on my life. A lot of people coast through life without defined personal values, without set goals, without a true sense of self worth and self-love. I was like that, life was moving along and I was just going along with it, not really in control.

Jasmine has taught me to be present, to be conscious and to be in control. It took a lot of hard work and exploring places within myself I had been numbing for years, but now I truly value myself, I know what I stand for (and what I don't) and I've got goals that I'm excited to be working towards. It's not an easy journey but it's worth it.


Thom Landers - PR Account Director

Since working with Jas I've seen dramatic changes in my personal and professional life. As someone who was completely unfamiliar with coaching prior to working with her, I've been taken aback how changes in my life have felt extremely natural through certain techniques - which can only be put down to Jas' immense talent in the field. Jas is unlike anyone I know and a go to mentor, I can't recommend her highly enough.

Will Long - Digital Content Manager

I have always looked forward to, enjoyed and valued my coaching with Jas. Her friendly, easy conversational style of our sessions always moved me efficiently to where I wanted and needed to be, towards the best results for me. Her skill, focus and direct approach all done with care and attention have had a huge impact on me, my life and those around me, for which I'm grateful. Her inspiration and insight continue to have an impact on my thinking and behaving and so the results of her coaching still make a daily impact on my life. If you want to change your life, Jas will help you get the transformation you need and want. Thanks Jas, great working with you.

Julie Genney - Coach

I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Jasmine a number of times. Jasmine is smart, innovative and brings a great energy in the work she chooses. I've been privileged to work with Jasmine on a number of projects where her drive, passion and ability to envision and create change are a great creative force for the businesses she works with.

Paul Bello - Strategy, Design and Communication

I have worked with Jasmine both as a colleague at Harvey Nichols and as a client when I was working on the sales team at Google. Jasmine is an inspirational leader, a strategic thinker who managers to combine these skills with a phenomenal ability to deliver and execute at pace. She led the strategy development and agency selection for a customers engagement program at Harvey Nichols. Jasmine is an excellent coach, delivers award winning work that the industry talks about and has an innate understanding of customer needs.

Kerem Atasoy - Head of Digital

Lately I have been making some positive changes in my life and have never felt better. I credit this to Jasmine Skee. For most of my adult life I've used food and alcohol as a distraction from some underlying issues that have stemmed from way back. Having my two boys has helped a lot but there were still some limiting beliefs and behaviours holding me back. Working with Jas has helped me make more changes in one month than in half a lifetime of intermittent visits to counsellors, psychologists, hypnotists, health retreats and even an energy healer (ha ha). So if you're looking to make some changes in your life for the better but need a little help, Jas could be your answer.

Cass Connell - Mother of two beautiful boys

I have worked with Jasmine for many years and have watched her transformation as she learnt how to love herself. As I observed this change she also coached and encouraged me to do the same. It's true, life for both of us is richer, happier and much more fun than it has ever been. As I write this note I am even smiling, without prompt at how much we achieved.

Shadi Halliwell - Group Creative & Marketing Director

Over the past few weeks Jas has been coaching me and it’s fair to say, I have really enjoyed our sessions. I have never had a personal coach before but I have definitely benefited from having Jas to talk to and guide me in certain areas of my life. Jas has helped me to overcome certain fear-based habits through her self-love principles. She is understanding and compassionate and holds a space for you to explore your own thinking. I am happy to say my well-being has definitely improved since my sessions started with Jas. Jas has been a big part of the introduction of my embarking on my journey towards self-love and I thank her for that!

Frankie S

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