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2017 Blogs

If You Suffer From Anxiety, I Think This Might Help

My Tips on Having a Healthy Relationship With Money

The 4 Things I Love About Ageing

How I Am Learning To Reconnect With My Inner Child


2016 Blogs

The 10 Things I Learnt In 2016 

Why Acknowledging A Problem Is Actually A Positive Experience

How We Judge Others Is How We Judge Ourselves

How I Am Learning That It Is Ok To Need to Need 

How Understanding Your Attachment Type Can Be A Game Changer For Your Relationships

Why It Is So Important To Embrace The Feelings Of Doubt, Fear & Uncertainty

My 10 Tips For Looking, Feeling and Staying Young

Unconditional Love Is Bullsh!t!

I Turned 40 - Here Are The Ten Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

No Good Story Ever Started With "When I Was Eating A Salad"

Look At Your Selfie Before You Judge Kim.....Or Anyone!

Why Life Is Better When I Am Wrong 

Why I Think Chrissy Teigen Did The Right Thing Choosing A Girl

My 5 Step Guide To Becoming Self Aware

Why Chris Gayle Has My 100% Support 

Why I Don't Believe In Having A New Year's Resolution


2015 Blogs

The Attraction Of Dating Younger Men 

My 10 Most Important Lessons For 2015

Accepting Your Feelings: A Simplified Guide

No One Messages Their Ex When They Are Happy

Say What You Mean. Mean What You Say.

Do You Know Your Love Language?

I Decided To Freeze My Eggs - This Is Why

Check Yourself: How Is Your Spiritual Ego?

I Don't Believe In Regret: But I Got This So Wrong

I Think I Am On My Gap Year

Is There Anything Better Than Connection? 

So Last Week I Got Hurt

Mindfulness: More Than A Buzz Word 

I Stopped Using My Heart

Why It Is So Important That You Stop Playing Small

What Being A Feminist Means To Me

How I Am Learning To Date Like A Man

How I Accidentally Became A Size 8

Is Busyness A Form Of Laziness?

It Is Not Rejection It Is Redirection

Why You Need To Start Trusting Your Gut Instinct

How I Overcame Codependency In Relationships

What Type Of Protection Are You Using?

When Is It Time To Move On From A Relationship?

Lets Get An Attitude For Gratitude

How I Stopped Numbing and Embraced Self Love

Stop Being Busy - 9 steps to finding peace in a busy world 

How To Activate Your Second Chakra


2014 Blogs

My Favourite Detox - Salt Flushing 

The Perfect Way To End 2014

Are you Awake?

The Best Dating Advice I Have Ever Received

4 Tips To Help You Have a Proper Holiday


How Do You Protect Your Positive Energy

Why We Don't Need To Diet

The Magic Of Going With The Flow

Why Change is HARD

Getting What You Want: 4 Steps To Take Today

4 Tips To Help Identify Your Dark Side (The importance of accepting it)

Forgiveness Is The Key To Happiness

A Beginners Guide To Meditation

Synchronicity Is God's Way Of Staying Silent 

What Makes You Feel Alive

3 Benefits In Setting Boundaries 

Difference Between DESTINY And KARMA

We need To Understand - Life Can Be A Privilege Not A Problem 

Are You Comfortable With 'Self Love'

Do you suffer from FOBO (Fear Of Being Offline)?

A Control Freaks Guide To Receiving

I Dare You To Love Yourself, UNCONDITIONALLY

4 Things I Did This Week To Try And Be More Present

Stop Manifesting – Why Try and Predict The Future Stop Manifesting

You Are The Average Of Your Environment

Today See Everyone As Perfect

Being Happy Doesn't Always Mean Being Positive

Do You Care Too Much About What Other People Think Of You 

Stop Dieting - 5 Things I Did To END The Dieting Cycle

4 Ways You Can Get Over FOMO and Start Loving JOMO

Take Ownership Of Your Life and Stop Playing The Victim

5 Ways You Can Learn To Live With Your Ego 



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